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A graphics pen tablet controls the pointer like the mouse does, but for some uses like freehand drawing and painting the pen, or stylus, is a natural and intuitive way of interacting with the graphics software. Paint, which has come free with every version of RISC OS, is an example. Once you try the tablet you probably won't want to go back to using the mouse!

The hardware

There are two choices of tablet sizes for this product - more details are below - and you get a printed guide giving hints and tips on using the tablet with the standard RISC OS desktop software. The guide contains instructions on using the bundled RISC OS application !OmbrArt, written especially for the tablet. Within the working area of the tablet (the corners are marked out) control of the pointer is transferred to the stylus.

  • The overall size of the small tablet is 6.5 x 4.3 in x ¼in height. It has a 4 x 3in working area. It is a perfect companion for smaller machines like the Pi400 or limited space such as on-the-go drawing.
  • The overall size of the medium tablet is 7.5 x 6.4 x ¼in height, with a working area of 6 x 4in. The extra room is perfect for studio work with more desk space.

    Small tablet in use with Pi400.

    Medium tablet with a Pinebook.

    Click on the diagram to enlarge.

    System requirements: the product has been tested with a number of computers running RISC OS 5.27 including the Raspberry Pi series of machines and the Pinebook. Compatibility with other versions of RISC OS is not guaranteed.

    The software

    OmbrArt in action 'Ombre' in an artistic sense just means colours that merge into each other. OmbrArt is similar in some ways to Paint but with advantages. The initial colour and the colour it merges into can be chosen from a palette of vivid shades with a single touch of the stylus. Among the other features, brush shapes and rotations can be chosen and pictures can be imported and exported as standard RISC OS sprites.

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